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Riding bicycles that have

Riding bicycles that have a single fixed gear and no brakes, track racers reach speeds exceeding 40 miles an hour, often in tight packs just inches away from one another. It can be perilous. Lea has had his share of spills and crashes, both on the track and off, including a serious road accident in […]

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theoretical ideal balance

While a theoretical ideal balance might exist for body height, speed and center of gravity in soccer, “in reality this is not so obvious,” writes Richard Witzig in “The Global Art of Soccer.” Great male players have ranged from 5 feet, 6 inches to 6 feet, 2 inches tall, a build that includes an estimated […]

training for a group of

Recently I was engaged to provide speakers’ training for a group of prestigious physicians launching a groundbreaking new therapy in Europe. Each member of the group was extraordinarily committed to the success of the launch, and their approach made an indelible impression on me.Why? Though their presentation styles varied, what upped the ante was their […]

owner of a Bullie

She is a pleasure to have and being a first time owner of a Bullie I am very thankful that Traci is there to assist me with any questions or concerns I may have. I have recommended and will continue to recommend her to anyone that is interested in getting the best Bullie pups available. […]

about his dislike

Flyers owner Ed Snider, who is very open about his dislike of the Soviets, doesnt think the Rendezvous 87 format, in which the NHL All Stars will play the Soviets on Feb. 11 and 13, is worthwhile. “I think it’s terrible,” Snider told the Toronto Globe and Mail. wholesale nfl jerseys from china And lots […]

like applied to t shirt

If you have an image that you’d like applied to t shirts, you first need to have it converted into a format that is usable by the silk screen printing machines. Most likely, the company you approach for screen printing services will be able to help you with this. They can also advise you on […]

eminent architecture historian

eminent architecture historian vincent scully dead at 97 Granite slab Three supervisors Chairman Gene Field, Patty Maney and Randy Marlowe support spending from $208,000 to $287,000 to replace the four brick monument signs with new facades.Two board members Andy Miller and Bill Shimer want a less expensive option that would keep the existing signs intact.Improved […]

newest and nicest apartment

Chose to live here because it the newest and nicest apartment building. Everyone is living here; it basically going to be like a big frat house. New luxury student high rise Landmark in Ann Arbor.would have been in this area a lot anyway, but now we be much closer to Blue Lep[rechaun] and Insomnia Cookies, […]

feet of functioning space

24. The property’s new, technologically advanced Resorts Conference Center includes 12,000 square feet of functioning space and 12 conference rooms. The Atlantic Ballroom, the showpiece of the Resorts Conference Center, is a 6,500 square foot function room with a multiuse, prefunction area that offers wireless connectivity of multiple devices for up to 500 attendees simultaneously. […]

shows the current time

This desktop watch shows the current time and the humidity. It has a temperature compensated real time clock. With two buttons it is possible to set up the hours and the minutes. Doing the Candlelight Christmas tour costs a little more, but it’s worth seeing the place lighted at night. In fact, it’s the only […]